Technical Advisory

AHB is the driver and expert advisor on the unification of national private healthcare federations on the African continent covering countries in West, Southern and East Africa. In addition AHB launched the Africa Healthcare Federation in 2016 at its inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium and supported incubation support in the years that followed ensuring suitable governance systems and board representation covering the 5 regions on the continent.

AHB is working with the leading Pan African organization on Disease Control by providing technical advisory and support services in the process of establishing a new public health fund for the African continent. The role of AHB is to create dialogue and collaboration that meet the objectives of the new fund, lead the registration process and to create linkages with the private sector on and beyond the continent in support of the fund.

AHB has conducted a landscape analysis in the field of digital health, UHC and PPPs for a specific client including a ranking of African countries. The team has provided a general overview of the status of UHC in the 5 African Regions, zoomed into key examples in all 3 areas and and concluded with clear recommendations on the way forward for the client.

Several market studies for specific clients in various fields and countries in Africa ranging from hospital infrastructure development, digital health and data, Non-Communicable Disease Management, General Country Health Profiles and opportunities and private health sector engagement for an NGO to explore an increase in revenue streams.