Nigeria Healthcare Sector

Nigeria is the largest country in west Africa. The country has one of the largest populations in Africa with approximately 195.8 million people. The most spoken language is Hausa, although English is the official language. Over the past years, infrastructure has made a net contribution of around 1% to the country’s improved per capita growth performance. The road system is the most used means of transport carrying about 95% of the nation’s goods and passengers.

The top export product is crude petroleum, which represent 76% of the total exports, followed by petroleum gas which accounts for 13.8%. The most imported products are refined petroleumat 18.3% of the total imports, followed by passenger and cargo ships which account for 5.07%. The main export countries are India, United States of America, Spain, France and the Netherlands; while the top imports are from China, Belgium Luxembourg, the Netherlands and United States of America. Nigeria is a lower- middle income country with an average income of NGN 75,000-100,000 ($480-645) p/a .

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