The Health Policy Plus and Africa Health Business (AHB)  invite the leadership and  management of recognized  private health entities to join us  in an introductory meeting on the “Value and Need for Private Healthcare Unification in Liberia” with the aim of  sharing views and explore the appetite for the establishment of the Liberia Healthcare Federation to support private healthcare across the country.

Background: The Private Health Sector in Africa has played a key role providing healthcare services and products to the African population. As such, the creation of an enabling business environment through effective reforms have been acknowledged as an important prerequisite for unleashing a private health sector response that leads to dynamic and sustainable growth of health care delivery, increased retention of key health workers, attainment of key health indicators.

In multiple countries on the continent, the private health sector players have come together to form membership-based healthcare organizations to advocate, lobby and propel an enabling environment for private health businesses to thrive. The time is opportune to explore the potential establishment of the Liberia Healthcare Federation.

Eligible participants to this meeting: We invite representatives of any private health sector entity that can be categorized in the below sub-groups:

  • Professional Associations: Healthcare Associations such as Medical Doctors Association, Nurses. Association, Pharmacist Association and any other such organized group that serves the interest of specific health worker cadre.
  • Institutional Associations: Private health sector sub groupings such as Private Hospital Association, Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Medical Insurance Association and any other such organised group that serves the interest of health-related industries.
  • Private Businesses, Corporations and Healthcare Organizations – Non state entities in the entire health sector including organizations that provide health service provision or are involved in supply chain management of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and medical equipment (wholesale, retail, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing), health financing, health technologies and digital health, health education, and healthcare management and advisory. Faith based organisations and local and international NGOs involved in the health sector are also eligible.

The meeting will take place on Thursday afternoon, 18th July 2019 from 2:00-5.00pm in Monrovia. Venue details will be shared upon registration.

Please RSVP at or share your RSVP via Whatsapp or email by sending the details below to (+254 700 014 557) or ( Please note that registration for this event shall close on 17th July 2019. For any clarifications, please email Mrs. Puja Tank (

This event is made possible by the generous support of the American People through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).