In Africa, technology has risen to prominence since the World Health Organization(WHO) characterized Covid-19 as a pandemic. For the last few months, we’ve witnessed the need to harness the potential of technology urgently due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. AAIC WEBINARThe use of digital health solutions has provided opportunities for African countries to develop quick, sustainable and workable solutions in response to tackle Covid-19 on the continent.

African countries are embracing the need for more digital health technologies in the fight against Covid-19. Despite Africa’s healthcare challenges; public and private sector are working together to develop solutions and strengthen partnerships to improve healthcare on the continent.

On 12th June 2020, AHB is facilitating a webinar where three fast growing health-technology companies will share their solutions to improve Africa’s health systems and what they are doing to mitigate the risks of Covid-19.


access.mobile is a company dedicated to improving patient engage- ment for underserved markets through mobile technology. With the use of mobile technology, doctors can conduct virtual visits with patients who have chronic conditions during the pandemic.Enabling clinicians to efficiently reach patients outside the clinic and collect data on how patients are doing during Covid-19 needs consid- eration. The pandemic has limited patient movement and data capturing. The access. Mobile solution allows data to be collected easily without requiring a hospital visit, which is a great step forward to improve patient care and health outcomes.Another advantage to consider during Covid-19 is patient access to health information. How do we ensure patients get the right informa- tion at this crucial time? The access. Mobile solution provides patients with access to the right health information via their digital platform.



Flare is one of the main emergency medical care transporter. As the world deals with Covid-19, emergency medical servic- es and transport are now in a crucial stage. For example, Kenya is still facing several challenges such as a lack of trans- portation of patients to Covid-19 isolation areas. Having more spread ambulances across the country is needed.Digital health and mobile technology can be a game-changer in improving the accuracy and efficiency of communication during Covid-19. By mobile technology, Flare crew members are able to submit patient reports electronically in real-time to the health facility. In addition, there is an option of direct communication between facility and paramedics and track- ing the ambulances in real-time via the mobile application.


Helium Health

Helium Health seeks to accelerate Africa’s transition to technology and a data driven health sector. With over 165,000 patient encounters, , Helium Health assists in real-time Covid-19 contact tracing and dissemination of relevant information to patients.As digital health solutions become a part of health service delivery across the continent, stakeholders should consider evaluating the health impact. Via this webinar, Japanese investment firm Asia Africa Investment and Consulting (AAIC), is proud to showcase a selection of their innovative healthcare investments on the African continent.

Join us for this exciting webinar on 12th June 2020 from 4.00pm to 5.00 pm EAT. RSVP to secure your spot.