1st Ministerial Stakeholder Forum Liberia

Pictured: MSF meeting with the HFL board and secretariat, representatives from the Ministry of Health and Dr. Thakker, Chairman of Africa Health Business.

The Healthcare Federation of Liberia held its first Ministerial Stakeholders Forum with the Ministry of Health, Liberia, on 13th February 2020. Present in this meeting was the newly elected HFL board, ministry representatives, Palladium team and AHB team. Dr. Francis Kateh, the Deputy Minister for Health and the Chief Medical Officer,  said it was an honour having the board there, having worked or met some of the members before. “Establishing a federation that will bring people together especially looking at the kind if care that is provided to the people of Liberia, I think that is a very good step. If things are going wrong, I know who to call or where to check”, added Dr. Kateh. “HFL membership is open to any organizations whose primary business is in the health sector. Our goal is to be the voice of a unified health sector”, added Dr. Nicole Cooper, the newly elected Chairperson of HFL.