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Innovative Partnerships to Transform Health in AfricaPromoting growth of the private health sector in Africa through innovative approaches towards
affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for all.

We are your trusted healthcare partner

AHB is an African health consultancy, advisory and investment firm that aims to improve access to quality affordable healthcare in Africa. Our expertise is targeted towards supporting governments, corporates, health organisations and development partners to foster effective Public Private Partnership initiatives in health.

Our team includes experts with direct experience working with the African public and private health sector, civil society, academia, and development agencies. We are committed to co-creating tailored local solutions with the potential to change the trajectory of health across the African continent through specialised knowledge, expertise and support


Providing market intelligence to benefit clients in designing appropriate entry and growth strategies for Africa


Catalysing for change in healthcare, assisting partners to enhance performance and achieve better health outcomes


Identifying opportunities for sustainable investments to grow the business of healthcare

Changing Healthcare Outcomes in Africa.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.

What We Offer

Project Design & Implementation

Co-creating and implementing robust project management systems to deliver measurable outcomes and real impact.


Coordinating best practices and sharing knowledge towards strengthening engagement in the health ecosystem.

Technical Advisory

Guiding clients to make informed decision through quality, objective information to overcome challenges in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.


Offering a full range of data and information through in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry for business expansion and entry in new markets.

Why Choose UsOur Unique Selling Proposition

Unparalleled knowledge, experience and reach of the private health markets on the continent.

Strong network of health leaders and organisations within the  public and private sector in Africa.

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WHO warns millions of children at risk as Covid-19 pandemic disrupts routine vaccinations Some 80 million babies around the world are at higher risk of diseases like diphtheria, measles, and polio as the coronavirus pandemic hinders routine vaccination programs, global health officials warned Friday. Vaccine campaigns have been disrupted in at least 68 countries, according

How coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks

How coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks Lockdowns and social-distancing measures aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus seem to have shortened the influenza season in the northern hemisphere by about six weeks. Globally, an estimated 290,000–650,000 people typically die from seasonal flu, so a shorter flu season could mean tens of thousands of

Human COVID-19 vaccine trials begin in Australia

Human COVID-19 vaccine trials begin in Australia A US biotechnology company is beginning human trials in Australia of a coronavirus vaccine, with the hopes of releasing a proven vaccine this year. Novavax has begun the first phase of the trial in which 131 volunteers in Melbourne and Brisbane will test the safety of the vaccine